About DBC

The Delray Beach Chorale is a long-established choral performance group dedicated to sharing the experience of great music with the Palm Beach County community. We are comprised of qualified and dedicated volunteer singers with solid musical backgrounds, including professional, semi-professional, and amateur musicans. Our sixty-plus members come from diverse backgrounds and range in age from 20 to 80. We rehearse with professional leadership and perform two major programs a year, in Winter and Spring.


Our mission is to cultivate the appreciation of choral music through inspiring performances.


Our vision is to be the premiere choral ensemble of Southeast Florida, combining professional, non-professional and student musicians.


We have been performing choral music in the South Palm Beach County area for over 35 years. In 1982, a number of Delray Beach residents, determined to organize a South Palm Beach County community chorus in order to perform choral masterpieces at the highest artistic level, established the Delray Beach Chorale, holding weekly rehearsals and seasonal concerts at a local church.

In 2016, in an effort to broaden community participation, especially with younger musicians, DBC established a partnership with Florida Atlantic University’s Department of Music under the leadership of Artistic Director, Patricia P. Fleitas, D.M.A. Designated the new Ensemble in Residence, our 30-week rehearsal schedule was relocated from Delray Beach to the FAU campus in Boca Raton. We simultaneously added new concert venues in both north and south Palm Beach County to make our performances more accessible to all audiences.

Board of Directors

Barry Ogrin, President
Paul Tasca, Vice President
Dee Black, Treasurer
Monica Hidalgo, Secretary
Donna Kennelly
Michael Miranda

DBC Advisory Board

Les Deck, Chairman
Dan Abbate
Patricia Breman
Loyd Crawley
Alyce Erickson
Morton Kaplan
Susan Klein
Frank Krutchik
Jan Rodusky

Encore Society

Sid & Pat Breman
Victor & Caryl Coppola
Drs. Lee & Sandy Porterfield
Don & Mary Thompson
Ken & Pat Years